Event Checklist
Please request or demand that your stallholders, contributors and volunteers do not give out single-use plastic as a condition of their license and/or involvement with your event, and take your own measures to reduce the need for plastic.
  • WATER REFILL STATIONS readily available and clearly advertised
  • NO PLASTIC BOTTLED WATER – refilling stations are encouraged as an alternative
  • NO STYROFOAM/POLYSTYRENE containers, plates or cups
  • NO PLASTIC BAGS are given out without a significant charge
  • NO PLASTIC STRAWS are used and paper straws only on request
  • NO PLASTIC PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS – require sponsors to refrain from handing out plastic promotional materials such as helium balloons, plastic trinkets and free bottled water
  • NO DRINKS IN PLASTIC BOTTLES – drinks are sold in cans, glass bottles or reusable cups
  • NO SINGLE-USE PLASTIC CUPS are used and these are replaced where appropriate with reusable plastic or reusable steel cups (with or without deposits charged)
  • NO BALLOONS allowed by exhibitors/stallholders for sale, display or free promotion
  • FOOD CONTAINERS used are compostable or as a minimum readily recyclable
  • REUSABLE COFFEE CUPS and water bottles on sale
  • HOT DRINKS are discounted for customers who provide a reusable cup
  • WASTE BINS around the event are emptied before reaching full capacity to avoid overflowing rubbish
  • WASTE DISPOSAL – rubbish is removed promptly after the event to avoid spillage
  • POST-EVENT RECYCLING – areas in vicinity of event are checked and cleared of litter during and after the event. Ask if your cleaning contractor disposes of waste is able to recycle and if so what you can do to facilitate this (most DO NOT recycle therefore all your rubbish from the event will go to landfill)
  • PLASTIC POLLUTION AWARENESS – the event includes activities to increase awareness of damage to wildlife caused by plastic pollution and the need to reduce single-use plastic (e.g. on water litter picking )

This checklist was prepared by In The Drink and is shareable by Creative Commons Attribution License – no need for permission but please acknowledge original authorship to In The Drink / inthedrink.org.uk