Join the Scheme
In The Drink is a voluntary scheme for bars, riverside events and boat cruise operators - with no sign up fee, subscriptions or official audits. Be part of the solution to reduce single-use plastics in UK waterways!

To join the scheme we ask for your pledge to do the following:

  • Eliminate single-use plastic cups
  • Eliminate single-use plastic straws and offer alternatives only on request
  • Eliminate single-use plastic stirrers
  • Assess other catering areas where single-use plastic can be removed or reduced

In return for your pledge In The Drink will provide:

  • Introductions to potential suppliers with preferential offers
  • Signage, sticker and table talkers to promote your venue as a supporter of In The Drink
  • In The Drink listing and feature on our members pages
  • Promotion via our social media platforms and newsletters