Venue Checklist
Please request that your pub chain/brewery manager reduces the amount of single-use plastic used in their supply chain, and take your own measures to reduce the need for single-use plastic.
  • NO SINGLE-USE PLASTIC OR BIOPLASTIC CUPS are used. Where glass is not practical, use reusable plastic or stainless steel cups. A cup deposit scheme and/or clear messaging can be used to maximize return of reusable cups – email for more information and/or introductions to suppliers
  • AVOID BIOPLASTIC SOLUTIONS – bioplastics are not compostable in normal waste disposable and are not recyclable. Bioplastics also contaminate plastic recycling systems when incorrectly disposed
  • FREE TAP WATER / WATER REFILL STATIONS readily available and clearly advertised
  • NO PLASTIC BOTTLED WATER – refilling stations are encouraged as an alternative
  • NO STYROFOAM/POLYSTYRENE containers, plates or cups
  • NO PLASTIC OR BIOPLASTIC CUTLERY – stainless steel or wooden cutlery only
  • NO PLASTIC STRAWS OR STIRRERS are used and paper straws only on request
  • NO PLASTIC PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS – require sponsors to refrain from handing out plastic promotional materials such as helium balloons, plastic trinkets and free bottled water
  • NO DRINKS IN PLASTIC BOTTLES – drinks are sold in cans, glass bottles or reusable cups
  • HOT DRINKS are discounted for customers who provide a reusable cup
  • CLEAR SIGNAGE reminding customers to take extra care with litter near any canals, rivers or waterways, including cigarette butts, which are toxic to marine animals and general wildlife
  • NO BALLOONS or other single-use plastic decorations are used for events
  • WASTE BINS are emptied before reaching full capacity to avoid overflowing rubbish
  • RECYCLING – ask if your waste contractor is able to recycle and if so what you can do to facilitate this. Most contractors DO NOT automatically sort rubbish for recycling and it will go straight to landfill
  • PLASTIC POLLUTION AWARENESS – create your own litter-picking/film screening events to increase awareness of damage to wildlife caused by plastic pollution and the need to reduce single-use plastic

This checklist was prepared by In The Drink and is shareable by Creative Commons Attribution License – no need for permission but please acknowledge original authorship to In The Drink /