In The DRink Officially Launches at the Good Hotel
Special Thanks to Mermaid Gin, Cotchel, Small Beer, Young's and the Good Hotel!

The official launch of In The Drink took place at the Good Hotel on Thursday, 04 April 2019. The gathering of notable In The Drink supporters, environmentalists, MPs, councillors and riverside pub owners, celebrated the work achieved in the first six months of the project, while learning more about the current issue and benefits of the scheme.

“Good Hotel London is delighted to be the venue of In The Drink’s official launch event, being a social business and a floating hotel right on the water at Royal Victoria Dock, we couldn’t be more supportive of their efforts to help the industry pursue more sustainable and conscious options. Cheers to that!” said Marten Dresen, CEO and Founder, Good Hotel Group

The official launch was also sponsored by Mermaid Gin, Cotchel and Small Beer Brew Co., who will be shared their sustainable stories at the event, as well as their delicious drinks, which included a collaborative cocktail by Mermaid Gin and Cotchel. Canapés at the event were courtesy of Young’s, who are phasing out SUP cups.

“Young’s has over 20 pubs along the River Thames,” says Gillian McLaren, Director of Marketing. “We are pleased to partner with In The Drink to help keep our river clean by serving our customers in environmentally friendly re-usable cups wherever possible to cut back on our plastic waste. We have greatly appreciated their support together with Positively Putney in championing a more sustainable Boat Race for 2019.”

Xavier Baker, Head Distiller at Mermaid Gin said: “Being from the Isle of Wight, we are very concerned about the marine environment, so every part of Mermaid’s packaging is plastic-free, recyclable and environmentally-friendly. We’re committed to being a leader in sustainability in spirits – supporting In The Drink made perfect sense and we’re delighted to be at its launch.”

Cotchel founder, Pete Thompson said: “We’re pleased to support In the Drink’s campaign to ‘Cotchel up’ by supplying delicious Cotchel apple juice, in glass bottles of course. The name ‘Cotchel’ itself is London market trader slang and making the juice is part of our effort to become more sustainable on the farm so a good match for this important campaign.”

Small Beer Brew Co. are the specialists in 0.5 – 2.8% ABV brewing – world class taste at the lower ABV. “Responsible production is at the forefront of our workings at Small Beer and In The Drink are at the forefront of the campaign at the consumer end. We look forward to working closely with them to help get the support they duly deserve in making positive change to our polluted waterways.” says James Grundy, Small Beer Brew Co. Founder.

Big thanks to all our sponsors and everyone who made it along! We hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Photos: Robert Piwko